Our Impact

See how our equipment drives, baseball clinics, and coach education have helped grow communities across South Africa and Uganda.

Every Child Deserves a Chance (ECDC) was started to help promote a movement of sports equality. Coaches, access to equipment, sports fields and courts are not readily available to the majority of people in our world. Africa in particular has an abundance of spirited youth with raw natural athleticism, but sadly the majority of whom have remained undiscovered. Many have never been given a proper chance to participate in an organized and monitored sports program or event. ECDC has set out to change that. We have seen the difference one soccer ball can make in the life of a child. Not only can it change a child's life, but their community's well-being improves and with enough drive the power of sport can make positive impacts nationally.

Sports Equipment

We want to distribute as much sports equipment and share as much knowledge as possible with our identified target hotspots of economically oppressed areas across Africa. Our main prerogative is to visit these areas (the Cape Flats townships, slums of Kampala, rural villages of Malawi) and go to their schools or community leaders to donate various sports equipment. Thus far, we have donated new and used baseball, soccer, basketball and other miscellaneous sports and recreational equipment (badminton, kendama, etc.).

Clinics & Coach Education

After the initial thrill in receiving their community’s physical donations, we proceed to organize an officiated game for the children. The coaches are given instruction on how to better coordinate the children of their community into forming a league or proper system of play so that everyone can improve to their maximum ability. This helps lift the community up by giving them something more to be proud of and attend. Despite the lack of proper facilities, it is important for the children to still learn the lessons of rules and order taught by playing sports. ECDC wants to bridge the gaps in sports equality and create relationships with people that are excited to aid and witness true sports development – from a grassroots level to the elite. We are eager to work with like-minded people passionate and committed to sharing the love of sport.

Future Growth

One of our most important initiatives will be writing proposals to the necessary sport councils of these countries for them to invest more into sports for the proven betterment of their communities. ECDC is ready to become the leader for supporting youth sports development in Africa, through our ongoing project initiatives and collaborations with passionate people as ready to make a difference as we are. All people should have access to sports and recreational activities. It should be a human right to be able participate in the sport of your choosing or recreational activity of your liking, but most importantly everyone should receive and experience

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